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The Metacommunity consists of pioneering developers and early ​adopters who secured their tokens during the pre-sale. We are the ​driving force behind the cmtys Project – the future's ultra-secure social ​network, designed for diverse online communities and ready to host ​millions of users. is a cypherpunk-themed sanctuary, ​providing encrypted chats and voice messages.

Our mission is to challenge industry giants like Facebook and Discord by ​creating a stronghold of privacy where your data is not for sale to ​advertisers, and corporate control is kept out of government reach.


new Generation of Social Media

Benefits to Hold $MCMTY TOKEN

cmty Coin: Airdrop

Be Among the First to Receive an Airdrop of the CMTY Coin!

As soon as we launch, $MCMTY holders can easily exchange $MCMTY tokens into the official CMTY ​COIN.

The $MCMTY token enables the development of a specifically designed CMTY COIN for the platform. ​Our aim is to implement a true currency within that operates on its own blockchain, the ​COMMUNITY CHAIN. This will create trading opportunities. The coin will be mainly built for ​transactions within the platform.

$MCMTY investors (holders) will benefit in the early phase with a swap of their tokens into CMTY COIN.

This is a unique investment opportunity. Don´t miss it out!


Status: ”Mastermind”

The first community to be launched on the platform is METACMTY! Within this group, extremely ​exclusive information about further development will be shared. This is a special group that will ​not be visible (a so-called Hidden Group, not joinable from the outside).

Only DEVs and early investors will have access. While information from the group may leak out, ​this risk is always present. The importance of this special group lies not only in its participation ​but also in the special rights members receive, which will develop over time. One thing is ​certain: important decisions influencing the platform will be made there.

Later, additional members may join, but this will involve a rigorous selection process with many ​security criteria.

Invest in Stage 1 and Unlock Exclusive Benefits in ​Stage 2 and 3!

Stage 1 is your gateway to Stage 2. Investors who participate directly in the Pre Sale will be exclusively ​invited to the Private Sale in Stage 2 (all on Pinksale, one month later).

During Stage 2, tokens will be offered again, exclusively and at an even lower price, before moving to Stage ​3.

Stage 3 is the Public Presale, where the tokens will be available to a broader audience, but at a higher ​price compared to the earlier stages.

This is a unique opportunity to maximize your investment and be part of the foundational stages of the ​CMTYs platform.

Act now and secure your place in Stage 1!


Quantity: 100,000,000 Tokens




Phase 1: Foundation

  • Conceptualize $MCMTY Token
  • Build Website And Deploy $MCMTY Token
  • Start Community Building (Telegram Channel)
  • Lightpaper

Phase 2: Presale

  • Presale On PinkSale

Phase 3: Developement (MVP)

  • Conduct the ICO
  • User Interface
  • Main Platform Functions
  • Whitepaper (Platform/ $CMTY Coin)

Phase 4: Product Launch

  • Alpha/ Internal Testing Phase
  • Beta/ Release for METACMTY Members/ TOKEN-COIN SWAP
  • Early Access/ Selected Early Users
  • Public/ Broader release

Phase 5: Official Launch

  • Post Launch/ GROWTH